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A screenshot of Dark Ore, Crushed Dark Gem, and a Dark Gem from left to right.

Dark gems are a main component in several low-tier and mid-tier recipes in Evilcraft, and are one of two products of mining Dark Ore, the other being Crushed Dark Gem. They can also be made into a decorative block, and bricks (which are also used indirectly in making the Spirit Furnace), along with a few other tools related to liquid/blood and weather/biome manipulation.

Crushed Dark GemEdit

Crushed dark gem is a powdered variant of Dark Gems used in several low-tier and mid-tier recipes, including (but not limited to) Vengeance Rings, Brooms, and indirectly, Garmonbozia. It can also smelt 80 items when used as fuel in a furnace. It is the less-common product of mining Dark Ore, and cannot be crafted through recipes in Evilcraft. However, Integrated Dynamics adds both a Squeezer and a Mechanical Squeezer recipe, processing one Dark Ore into 2 Dark Gems with a 50% chance of creating 1 Crushed Dark Gem, or directly turning one Dark Gem into one Crushed Dark Gem.


Dark Gems and Crushed Dark Gem can be found by mining Dark Ore with an iron pickaxe or better. Dark Ore spawns between Y levels +6 and +66, in clusters similar to that of Lapis Lazuli (clusters of 1-6), which are moderately more rare than iron. Upon mining with an unenchanted pickaxe, Dark ore will drop between 1-3 Dark Gems, 0-2 Crushed Dark Gem, and 2-3 experience orbs. With silk touch, it will drop the ore itself, which can be processed through crushing devices of other mods (Pulverizer from Thermal Foundation, Crusher from Actually Additions, etc.), yielding 2 Dark Gems and occasionally a Crushed Dark Gem.


Crafting Recipes Using Dark Gems:

Dark Gem Recipes
Crafting Recipes Using Crushed Dark Gem:

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